Financial Services

Financial Services

Lebens Advisory Group provides peace of mind for employers and employees through financial education, planning and ongoing support for all stages of life and business. We are a fiduciary, an honored distinction that means we are always acting in your best interest.

Comprehensive Financial Planning

As an investment advisor, we simplify your life by making recommendations and managing your portfolio on an ongoing basis. We also offer you expert advice on related financial concerns, such as charitable giving techniques and estate planning.

In addition to bringing our own expertise on various aspects of wealth management, Lebens Advisory Group brings professional relationships with a network of specialists. We have attorneys who can draft documents and CPAs who can assist with tax matters. This network allows us to provide advice as in-depth as you require.

Lebens Advisory Group’s comprehensive range of services eliminates the issues that can occur when you manage multiple advisors. We make financial planning simpler for you.

Proactive Wealth Management

As a proactive planning money management firm, your needs come first. We offer you service that is personal, private and exclusive. We provide personalized service to each one of our clients. We honor our relationship with you by providing customer service and attention you will not find elsewhere.

  • We take time to understand your investment goals and how you feel about your money.
  • We examine where you are financially today versus where you want to be in the future, and then create a detailed investment plan to get you there.
  • We design an investment policy statement that explains how you will invest, how you feel about taking financial risks, and what you expect from us as a money manager.
  • Your portfolio is tailored to your goals and your ability to withstand market losses.
  • Your portfolio is monitored by our professional staff and you will receive reports quarterly about performance.
  • As a privately-held independent advisory group, our advice is not influenced by a corporate parent and we are free to choose the right solutions for you.

Our Investment Philosophy

We believe choosing individual companies is far more tax-efficient than buying packaged products such as stock mutual funds. We seek competitive returns using a combination of strategies depending on market conditions and your personal needs.

  • A long-term perspective: Market conditions are constantly changing, which is why we take a “buy and hold” approach. We seek market opportunities through every market cycle.
  • Global versus domestic stocks: Asset allocation is the most important factor in determining investment returns. With global markets becoming increasingly important, we go wherever we find solid investment opportunities.
  • Ongoing analysis: We use a variety of models to analyze and forecast markets including the strength of the dollar, inflation and interest rates, and other economic influences.
  • Diversification: A well diversified portfolio produces less volatile returns than one made of investments that rise and fall together.

A Plan for Every Stage in Life

At the core of your relationship with Lebens Advisory Group is a coordinated approach to managing your money, providing you and your family the security that comes with knowing you have planned financially for every stage of your life. We help you:

  • Accumulate: Achieving your dreams starts with making a commitment to pay yourself first.
  • Manage: We work with you to design an investment strategy tailored to meet your specific financial goals based on your individual risk tolerance.
  • Protect: Your investment portfolio is only half of the equation. You also need ideas to minimize your tax liabilities and guard your family’s financial future from unforeseen events.
  • Enjoy: It is said that life is what happens to you while you’re making other plans. We help you balance your current income and liquidity needs with your long-term goals.
  • Distribute: The right planning can help ensure that you will not outlive your money.

As a Fiduciary, Your Interests Come First

We are different from traditional personal financial advisors who are brokers. We are a fiduciary, a distinction we are proud of and that benefits you. Our responsibility in serving you is clear—we must always act with your best interest in mind.

  • We earn our fee not by charging you commissions on securities trades like stock brokers, but by levying a fee for ongoing money management.
  • You need not worry about hidden fees or a hidden agenda—as a Registered Investment Adviser (RIA) we are required by law to fully disclose any conflicts of interest we have in serving you.
  • You avoid the conflict of interest that arises when a broker receives better commissions by selling you one product instead of another or receives more commission by making unnecessary trades in your account.
  • As a fee-only financial advisory firm, we do not accept fees from third party product providers.

Diversifying Your Cash Flow

One of the biggest challenges in retirement is managing your cash flow. We make sure the money is there when you need it. We help you identify all your predictable income sources, including pensions, Social Security and your retirement accounts.

  • Factor in outside revenue sources, including retirement savings or potential income.
  • Add up your known liabilities, such as a mortgage or any other loans and expenses.
  • Chart your short and long term cash flow needs.
  • Project spending patterns and align them with expected income and portfolio withdrawals.

Planning Early Makes a Difference

It is important to take the necessary steps to create a long term financial plan. Are you spending too much to meet long-term goals, such as retirement and college funding? Do you have enough liquid cash? Although these issues may be most relevant later on in your life, addressing them early allows the power of compounding to work for you sooner and could make a huge difference in achieving your financial goals. If you don’t create a road map toward reaching your financial goals, how will you get where you need to go? Find out how we can help you, we do our job, and the rest is easy.

Proactive planning for your future:

  • Retirement
  • Investments
  • Estate considerations
  • Saving solutions
  • Education
  • Trust management
  • Real estate