Streamlined HR management and financial services

At Lebens Advisory Group, we specialize in creating and managing customized employee benefits packages for small to mid-sized businesses.

Who We Serve

Lebens Advisory Group is proud to serve both employers and employees. We specialize in partnering with CEOs and owners of small to mid-size businesses who are ready to take their organizations to the next level, and who recognize that it begins with supporting the company's most valuable asset—its people.

What We Do

HR Management Services

With more than two decades of experience in human resources management and consulting for companies of all sizes—from small businesses to global corporations—Lebens Advisory Group specializes in cultivating the best people, the best practices and the best places to work.

Financial Services

Lebens Advisory Group provides peace of mind for employers and employees through financial education, planning and ongoing support for all stages of life and business. We are a fiduciary, an honored distinction that means we are always acting in your best interest.

Our Partners

Lebens Advisory Group works in concert with your trusted HR and financial services providers to fill the gaps and to ensure that nothing slips through the cracks.


Who We Are

After more than 20 years of HR leadership and training for a global hotel corporation, Sara Lebens joined forces with husband Steve Lebens, a financial advisor and 25-year entrepreneur, to develop Lebens Advisory Group. The goal: Leverage a combined 40+ years of expertise to benefit organizations navigating the complexities of business operations. Together the pair provide holistic and streamlined human resources management and financial services to under-resourced CEOs and business owners in need of essential support.